tirsdag 7. februar 2012

On Space Marine.

So they finally made a second attempt at a 40k action game. Never played Fire Warrior, but it didn't seem all that fun. This one takes a very typical 40k story, put it in a typical actiongame, and makes you do pretty much the same thing for 7 hours. You shoot and hack things up, either orks or demons, in actual corridors or corridors that doesn't look like corridors. Sometimes the game lets you jump, so the height of the corridors will matter more.

As an actiongame it's okay, I guess. You shoot at things that isn't close to you, and hack up things that are close to you. Although a fair bit simpler than your typical shooter or brawler actiongame, it has a bit of both. Most of the weapons are fun, but since you can only carry a few, and using the big hammer prevents you from using most of the more interesting guns, sections of the game can get rather dull. And at the end of the game, it feels like one playthrough will be enough.

The game feels true to the general 40k atmosphere other games have had, and the books and the actual tabletop game has. In looks and presentation and how things sounds. But it hardly blows anyone away with sheer quality and being impressive. It simply does its job.

The story is pretty much the same as every other 40k game and almost 90% of the books - chaos has a hand in things, and nothing is surprising here. The difference here is that the creators finally understood the punchline, instead of so many others that messes up the whole universe at the end, and it just turns into bad general fiction. So while it's wasn't very interesting, it was well... Doing its job?

A typical game to buy when the price gets cut, and then trade in again after playing it once...


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