mandag 9. januar 2012

On Elder Scroll V: Skyrim

While I have never been a fan of the Elder Scrolls games (having played Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion), and actually never having finished even the main quest, Bethesda game me another chance to "finish" a game.

You start out as a prisoner in a fantasy world, and after a bit you earn your freedom (ie after the tutorial), where you can do nearly whatever you want. Chop wood, cook, smith, take part in the power struggle in the land or save the world. Or play hide and seek with random people here and there. And improve your character, like in most other rpgs.

As a first person action game it is very stale. You swing your sword (or other close combat instrument) with one button, and holding it in will result in a power attack. Archery has aiming (and some other stuff if you put perks in archery stuff, like zooming), making it a bit more interactive. Spells was at the start the most interesting, as you can combine effects for fun stuff - but in the end Conjuration was way better than Destruction and so on, and passive friends is never any fun in these types of games. So gameplay got old, fast.

Atmosphere was great. The soundtrack is immense. The voiceacting is fairly good (even though most guards sound the same) and it looks fantastic. Except when the UI bugs out totally sometimes, the sound crashes, the game crashes and so on. I had to install it to the xbox disc to even get past the opening scene. Mixed opinion on it in other words. Faces is a BIG letdown after playing so many Bioware games, and even Dark Souls did that better...

The main story was okay, figuring out what the dragons were up to do and fixing it. The civil war of imperials vs nords was one big meh, as both sides had characters who weren't easy to like, to put it mildly. Which was a trend in the game overall - I am trying hard to name even one I liked, or at least I could hate. But no. They are generally just annoying. How is that even possible today in gaming? Can't remember a game that didn't have at least one character that was fun, even if the game sucked...

All in all, I played it for what, 20 hours and then got bored. Which is really short for an rpg... But hey, at least I finished the main quest!


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