fredag 3. desember 2010

On Trolljegeren.

After some failure to go to see a movie for prolonged period of time, this is what I go see?!

Anyway, the movie is a norwegian spin on Blair Witch mixed with a Monthy Python like movie. It's taped in the same way (and the basic premise, some students who are making a documentary ends up with "supernatural" problems) as Blair Witch, but the scenes tend to have their own point - like joke around with the government (and create outrageous conspiracy theories) and/or imitate some kind of norwegian artwork, fairy tale, famous nature pieces and so on. But the actual story is about a gang of students who are making a documentary about bear hunting, who ends up shadowing some shady guy, and ends up making a documentary about trolls instead. That are very real. But like Monthy Python movies, it ends up not being the main thing with the movie...

I was never a fan of the whole Blair Witch thing, and that kinda diminishes the rest of the superb production. A lot of fantastic visuals, the actors work well in their roles, fitting music and so on. 3/4.

Mythic beasts, wild conspiracies and absurd humor, perfection, check. 4/4.

The start feels rather slow, it spends too long getting on with it. While it builds up the mystery of the trollhunter, the students end up kinda grey and not very interesting, and they only have the odd humor bit scripted in. The rest of the movie always have something to look for though, and is edited well, so it never gets dull or "lets see if I have more popcorn left". 3/4.

Total Score: 10/12.

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