søndag 5. september 2010

On Water Sleeps [reread].

Water Sleeps picks up years after She Is The Darkness ends... 15 or so years actually. Sleepy pens it this time; she and Sahra and the odd Black Company survivor tries to free imprisoned Company brothers, while hiding from the Proctector of All of Taglios, another insane sorceress. This plays out more like an underground resistance book - I was about to say freedom fighters, but they aren't really. This is no book about big battles, big magic or whatever, this one is a lot of politics, intrigue and city details just about, and some religion light. The odd book out, in the bunch really.

As there are so many new characters in this book, a lot of time is spent getting to know them - which is nice, as Cook knows this bit well. And instead of introducing lots and getting rid of them like in Shadows Linger, here they stick around for the whole plot in one way or another. A lot of mysteries that have "plagued" the earlier books gets solved or broadened out. Character relationships twists and the like, all done well. And while the book is still mostly about trickery in an advanced fantasy setting, it's more about non-violent ways instead of blowing up armies or setting ambushes in inns, and it still works well and ends up being entertaining and a tad more braincandy than just "eyecandy".

Entertainment: 9/10.
Thought Provoking: 6/10.

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