søndag 5. september 2010

On Dante's Inferno.

Inspired by the book (the first part of the Divine Comedy) somewhat, this game puts you into the role of one italian named Dante, who returns home after the crusades to find his fiance and father murdered, and his fiance getting taken to hell for her sins... Dante thinks this is wrong, as it's his sins she is more less going to hell for, and decided to get her out of there and into heaven as she deserves. While going through the 9 circles of hell hacking up daemons, devils and traversing through weird and wicked terrain... In a "like God of War BUT" type of game, hack'n'slash mixed with platforming and the odd dose of puzzle solving.

The basic premise I love - flawed characters goes berserk to beat up daemons, while encountering middle ages personalities you can punish or absolve for their sins, gaining xp to get various forms of attacks and so on. But this game ends up being what made EA get a notorious reputation back when; the presentation (incredible artwork and sound, perfect atmosphere for a game of this type) is wicked, but the gaming substance rots. There are next to no types of enemies, the game is short (7-8 hours I spent on first playthrough) and there is a massive amount of filler gameplay (the extreme bit is at the 8th circle, where you go through some idiotic "tests" that normally just get put into some other kind of bonus mode in normal games), the camera angles and controls is lacking and the pacing is often off completly. (Sometimes you get a bunch of story substance in 20 minutes, then play for 4 hours where you just jump around doing nothing). And you die a lot, not because they have put in interesting challenges, but they just want you to randomly die until you can pierce the incredibly bad camera angle to find out what the hell you are supposed to do. Sigh. And the ending... No, I won't see this continued!

Entertainment: 6/10.
Thought Provoking: 1/10.

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