fredag 30. juli 2010

On Inception.

It's all in your mind, maaaaaan..

Fashion states that every successfull movieperson should do a "it's in your mind" movie thing once, I guess. A bunch of criminals (led by Di Caprio) breaks into people's minds when they are asleep, to reave them of their secrets. One such theft goes wrong, and instead they will try to plant an idea in someone's head... Aseemble team, have things go wrong and then try to make do anyway, pretty much.

I like the concept, I wouldn't like The Matrix, The Prince of Nothing, Neuromancer and such if I didn't. And you can see they didn't try to save costs, neither on good actors or effects.

However, the movie tried to much, or didn't let it have enough time to get everything done. Make a team, but not give enough time to get to know them properly? Put in layers of realities, and just fill em with random shooting and explosions? This would just be soooo much better in a book or a game where they could give everything the attention properly, instead of all these weird choices on what to put in a 150 minute movie or so.

Entertainment: 6/10.
Thought Provoking: 3/10.

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