lørdag 26. juni 2010

On Path of the Warrior.

The fifth of the month, huzzah!

After half-a-Mieville-book, I wanted another easy pulp book. Another Gav Thorpe book was in order, one that I had been looking forward to for a long time. This one is about Eldar in the Warhammer 40k setting - pretty much Elves in space. And yet again, I was hoping they would make elves more "alien" instead of just making them posh and have some kind of touchy feely intelligent culture balanced with nature, and every character a reflection of that...

The book deals with a character named Korlandril, an artist. Eldar are sorta fickle though, and have to restrain themselves as if they overdo how much they try to experience and let their feelings run rampant with them, a dark god will feast on their soul... After an incident where Korlandril gets really angry, jealous and some other negative feelings burning within, his friends tips him to join a warrior brotherhood. And then the book goes on about the transition from an artist, to a warrior, training, fighting and how his world views change and so on.

Just like A Thousand Sons, this book does characters in a completly different way from other Black Library books - instead of being a reflection of some mono culture, they are actual characters... And Korlandril's development is nice, there is no suddenly turning into some kind of Street Fighter character and uppercuts half the universe. Hell, even the orks here show some more spirit rather than just getting stomped as an action diversion. Actually, it's a bit like some kind of samurai or chinese action movie; warrior training is more like reflections on the self, and self challenge, not some booth camp. Swordforms ala Jordan too, for that matter. All of this extra stuff, makes the action much more worthwhile aswell... A rare gem from these guys I would say. Also, Mr Thorpe improves from Malekith, where it felt like just the main character got elven traits, the rest was just shades.. Here everyone works.

Cliffhanger ending. Sigh.. Yes, it's part of a trilogy, but that is so freaking cheap.

Entertainment: 10/10.
Thought Provoking: 4/10. (NERDY thought provoking still counts, afterall...)

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