torsdag 13. mai 2010

On Robin Hood.

Erm, yes. Another big Hollywood thing. Since I guess they figured out they couldn't beat Men in Tights for a standard Robin Hood movie (much less the Disney version), they did a prequel. How Robin and pals ended up in Sherwood and so on. Starting with Robin being in the army of Richard the Lionheart, and Richard getting killed, it ends up being a light version of Braveheart. Robin is honest, fights for the common folk, liberty and freedom and so on, but evil men stands in his way.

The thing that stuck with me the most after seeing the movie, was the soundtrack actually. Most of the movie ended up being very...atmospheric. The script/cast was mostly good aswell; the guy playing the traitor in the movie came across as one evil git, for example. Nice dialogue and good pace on things. In other words, a popcorn movie to the heart.

On the other hand, the action scenes were mostly stuff seen in a billion similiar movies. Cate Blanchet is good as the strong woman in a man's world, but it's a struggle to remember this isn't Lord of the Rings every time I see in her in a role like this now.. Especially when she talks in the background. But then again, Hollywood popcorn movies aren't supposed to be about surprises anyway, just the same old done in a slightly different and more modern blockbuster way. The movie also gently touches stuff like individual rights and so on, but only in the 5 year old pattern. But not every movie like this can be like Braveheart either, I suppose.

Entertainment: 7/10.
Thought Provoking: 1/10.

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