onsdag 7. april 2010

On A Thousand Sons.

After reading several books that was somewhat different from what I usually read, I got the urge to read a pulp book again. Another 40k book, this time it's about The Thousand Sons, a bunch of people who dabble in sorcery, and are kinda addicted to learning things and achieveing enlightenment and so on. Some of their allies find it unholy and so on, and it ends up being a big struggle between various forms of loyalty, arrogance and betrayal. And not that much mindless badly written action...

Haven't really liked a book by the author since I read Storm of Iron - and like that book the author nails the characters here. It's rare to have characters with layers in 40k books, and even rarer that it is done well and interesting. And being torn between various the same loyalty, but in different ways. And so on and so forth. It was well written too, unlike some of his other works, it flowed well. And again, it was mostly about interesting themes, while the shooting and fireworks was mostly there for a reason, instead of just randomly having action for action's sake.

The actual action wasn't that fun though, there's no sense of belief for most of it. Mostly it's due to the primarchs just getting heaps of superimba adjectives thrown after them, so it's hard not to just eyeroll whenever they show up. But I guess I am not the target audience for that kinda thing.

Entertainment: 8/10.
Thought Provoking: 3/10.

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