torsdag 25. februar 2010

Operation Game Finishing Week 8.

More Vesperia... Now over 30 hours played. (Plus god knows how many "die and redo" hours...)

It's pretty much the same as it was 20 gaming hours ago. Combat is pretty fun, the story is ok for what it is (most of it being Captain Obvious), the way monsters and opponents are put into locations is rather...hopeless (guild members that hates beasts grouped up trash groups? Err? Birds not only inside fortress towers, but also in moving gigantic robotlike fantasythings? It goes on and on...) But the worst part really is the mapping out of savepoints. Had another 1 hour 30 minutes going-without-a-save-point session just now, I'm turning into some kind of electricity worshipper - a blackout during one of those would make me go berserk, no doubt about it.

Starting to look forward to finishing it and play a no-nonsense shooter that isn't completly spaced out in dialogue and weird things. And no need to grind levels...

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