onsdag 6. januar 2010

Operation Game Finishing Week 1


Managed to clear away some consecutive hours, and got in a couple of 3 hour sessions with Dragonage, clearing another area of the game. I am still afraid of trying to play it after midnight however, else I might have finished it by now. So I keep playing games I "cannot" finish like FIFA (going to play it a lot with some friends the upcoming weekend, so need to practice) and World of Warcraft.

Can't help the feeling that the combat system is slightly annoying though. Especially after Mass Effect being so...perfect...for console rpg controls, even though they are somewhat similiar it just feels so clunky and ported. Ugh.

The storyline and characters keeps on besnaring me, just finished Orzammar, a dwarven city, and just adding a "realistic" caste system and cunning characters is enough to make it fun to just let the story unfold. The highlight of the game is however still how the party members interact; I often stop while exploring dangerous areas because a couple of party members start bickering about something and I just want to listen.

But seriously, how big is this bloody game? I have now ticked in over 30 hours, and it still seems there are still some 4-5 hour areas left, on top of whatever happens after finishing the starting tasks (gathering allies to battle teh evil, that is), and I still haven't done the quests a couple of party members have provided me with. Something tells me the reviewer who said he had put in 150 hours and still hadn't done everything wasn't lying then... Dragonage: Forever it should've been called.

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