mandag 11. januar 2010

On UltraViolet.

Second day of movie every day week - this time a movie I am more sure I haven't seen before. Huzzah?

Ultra Violet came out about the same time as Aeon Flux, and pretty much shares the official and unofficial plot. Disease that turns people into vampire-like beings brought humanity to it's knees, power hungry doctors takes control of the world and the main character fights tyranny and wants hope and freedom and a proper cure etc. What it really is is computer generated background while the female star of the movie (in this case Milla Jovovich) is in focus and you get to see her from as many angles as possible while she shoots and guns down foes, and the odd break where she has a discussion with or someone - or rarely someone else discusses her.

It's incredible how similiar it is to Aeon Flux when it comes to watching it. The obvious computer generated buildings and the city in general is ultra clean and lacks any soul at all, the dialogue would be better off forcing the audience to guess what they were saying (although the line seem to have been delivered with a bit more feeling in this movie), and the action is fair so it doesn't really get horribly boring, but it is in no way very interesting either. It seems it was based on a comic, and that explains a thing or two (perhaps Aeon Flux is too, I have to check I suppose), as just porting art pieces from comics and slapping a comic book series into a 90 minute film just doesn't work often in my view. (The newer batman movies being the exception.)

I will most likely forget what it was about by next week.

Entertainment: 5/10.
Thought Provoking: 1/10.

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