fredag 15. januar 2010

On Alatriste.

Right, so the fifth movie was one I had never heard about, but the cover looked interesting (even if the description didn't) - a spanish movie with Viggo Mortensen playing a spanish army veteran in the 1600s, how weird is that?

The plot is really rather simple - it's about Alatriste, who at age 15 or so was already a veteran in the war effort in Flandern - while not serving in the army he does shady business for the nobles in Madrid (and possibly elsewhere) like assassination and whatnot. No saving the world, the kingdom or any maidens for that matter. He struggles through life with promises to take care of the son of a fallen comrade in arms, deal with love interests whom he barely gets time to see and so on and not to mention ending up in court intrigue due to his line of off-duty work.

The movie was one big positive surprise, really. The best thing about it was actually the visual - after all the fake computer stuff in the sci-fi movies and the not really any interesting bit in Kiss of the Dragon, the costumes, acting and scenery was just fantastic (except the odd piece of armor looking like silver paper, perhaps). It also had lots of what I love in movies, conflict, solved in a proper way musketeer duel thingies, complete with corny lines (insulting, comedy, dying words, you name it) and not much needless stuff surrounding them. Nothing like a good old "Will you be home for dinner?" from the servant to one of the duellants only for him to look rather fatalistic and uncertain and reply with "Not sure" or something along those lines, or some kind of theological discussion while one man is dying. Priceless. The bits and bobs from court life, social life, battles and how people from different places interact was all interesting details, aswell.

My biggest problem with the movie was that it as usual isn't hollywood editing or whatever to call i - not that this is a bad thing, it's just so weird going to a movie that jumps around so sudden, it's most like episodes and you have to pay attention cause suddenly 10 years go past, or when someone mentions going home the next scene isn't actually going home, and so on. Sometimes people aren't introduced, you get no reasons for how things suddenly have happened, loads of stuff. It actually feels like movies like Red Cliff, where so much is edited out, perhaps it was a miniseries they just cut up and called it a movie, at least it feels like it. But lasting over 2 hours already, more would perhaps be over the top anyway.

Entertainment: 8/10.
Thought Provoking: 5/10.

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