mandag 11. januar 2010

On Aeon Flux.

Starting Week of the Daily Movie (made possible due to borrowing a lot movies from a friend's dvd collection, mostly), is Aeon Flux. When looking at the dvd cover, I wasn't really sure if I had actually watched it at some point... And after seeing it, I am actually not sure if I had just seen the trailer or the actual movie. Scary.

Movie is offially about the society of the remains of human civilisation after some disease whacked off most of humanity in 2011 (yeah, the movie is sorta "old" now...), 400 years later society is a perfect bubble with no freedom, but some rebels wants freedom from evil government. The main character gets sent to kill off the top man of the government, but obviously things are not as they seem. Unofficially I'd bet some cameramen (and possibly the director and scriptpeople) wanted to film Miss (or Mrs, sorry I dont follow celeb news) Theron from all kinds of angles while she wears weird clothes and does acrobatics or climbs things or lies down.

It's not really hard to understand why I am not sure I have seen this before - come on, is it even possible to make a more zzzzing plot? It also shares the "everything looks clean, made by some guy with a computer" that nearly all such movies do. The story has nothing new or any interesting plot twists, or does it in any interesting way. The script and voicing of that script seems flat and without personality, compared to even bad computer games. Watching the trailer or perhaps the movie without sound or text (guessing what everyone is saying underway, for example) would be enough or more interesting, I reckon. That being said, it does have action that is never bad, really. And the star of the movie does make it look good - but how many hollywood movies that wants a female star to make the movie sell doesn't cast someone you'd want to see jump around doing summersaults or wear little clothing half of the movie?

Entertainment: 5/10.
Thought Provoking: 1/10.

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