lørdag 19. desember 2009

On Salamander.

One of the panic purchases when I found out I had run out of simple entertainment novels. And having some kind of flu (manswineflu?) it fit perfectly in between having to watch tv as only thing I could manage with mucho fever.

Salamander is much like the other 40k novels around; it's about space marines, those knights in space guys. I am actually somewhat sick of em, so I don't know exactly how I ended up with this one. It's about a company of them, who recently lost their captain to some heretics, and not everyone in the company gets along - including people not really liking the new captain that gets sworn in. However, through some standard fantasy/sci fi tropes (oooo visions amongst other things) they end up finding a clue to their past and go on some kind of quest (ie this is a military quest novel) to find out what happened to their head man back in the day. Enter loads of hollywood action with some dialogue and "drama" here and there.

It's good parts was that it was fairly well written and one gets some insight into how these guys work, and not everyone is friends without having to blame some otherworldly forces for it being like that. While still, in contrary to how 40k books tends to be, someone actually manages to get something good done, or perform somewhat good deeds and not endless "lesser of two evils" kinda things. So the framework of the story is really good, but..

The characters ends up being slaves. Yes, slaves to the framework. They seem to only be there to characterize aspects of their warrior society or homeworld for good or ill; not once did a character act out of the box, or did something surprising or anything. And the usual obvious "friends turns into enemies, enemies turns into friends" deals underway and so on. Thus I have already somewhat forgotten the names of the characters, just a couple of days after finishing it. Granted, it seems it was the first book of a trilogy (or a series, it's hard to tell what they plan with these things these days), and characters often end up quite bland in book 1, so that might take some of the blame.

I will most likely give the next book a chance, in the hope that the characters take on a bit more life.

Entertainment: 6/10.
Thought Provoking: 2/10.

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