tirsdag 29. desember 2009

On Mechanicum.

Yes, another 40k book. Nobrainer fiction overdose here...

The book is set on Mars, that in the far future has ended up being populated by humans dedicated to engineering and producing stuff. However, various philosophies on how to make progress, fusing machine with supernatural powers and so on causes both intrigue and outright violence. As it is a 40k book, this ends up being about violence. It's split in two; one part big picture politics where the bosses of the planet argues and have epic battles with each other, and a team of engineers wanting to build a machine that can tap into something like Platon's pool of ideas, like, and their problems with morals and building the thingie.

On the plus side, it had characters that wasn't so much a slave to the setting as Salamander. It never slowed down any, or had far too lengthy sessions about some far fetched tech or something. In other words, it was a quick and easy read, just like books like this should be.

On the other hand, for a book about such a society, it is so noticable that publisher policy reigns. The characters ends up being shallow, and the battles lack the tension it seems authors are not allowed to bring into Black Library books. Also it like most other books that is about the Horus Heresy, has an ending that just opens up for more books instead of being a proper one. It's like Robert Jordan with shackles on him.

Really, I think I am done with reading these books now. They are all built on the same stock, it just feels like I have read the same a million times by now. Ugh.

Entertainment: 6/10.
Thought Provoking: 1/10.

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