tirsdag 29. desember 2009

On Flickan Som Lekte Med Elden.

After what seems like an eternity (or at least almost a year), I finally finished the second Larsson book. I was unable to find the second book in swedish (or any other language for that matter) when I bought the first one, and it took some time after before I got my hands on it. Then I tried to finish other books I was already reading. Then I started on it, but wasn't really in a crime frame of mind, so put it away. Then I tried reading it, and found it taking to long to actually "start".

The book has the same main characters as Menn som hater kvinnor, and just like that one, takes up some problem with society (this time about traficking/organished thug crime and so on) puts in some murder bits and dabbles with the past of Lisbeth Salander. Pretty straightforward.

The good part about the book is really the second half or thereabouts. Characters come alive really well, dialogue is often witty and interesting, good pace of action and revelations that keeps it as a real pageturner. Just like the first book.

The bad part was the first part of the book; it's nice having the characters muck about without having to hang around in stressy murder related business, but it is sooooooo slow... Loads of 7-11 shopping, or repeated "I hate him/why doesn't she like me" sections and so on. It just feels like most of it could be chopped and one would still know the characters well enough, and then get on with the book. A bad balance between the two, also.

I am not buying the propaganda about it being some penultimate crime trilogy or anything so far in other words.

Entertainment: 8/10.
Thought Provoking: 3/10.

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