søndag 20. desember 2009

On Avatar.

No trailer to embed, but some of them spoils way too much anyway.

After nearly 5 days with fever, I was finally free of it today, and being able to do something besdies sitting in a chair looking at a monitor or staying in bed reading and watching the tellie I could go outside and then inside somewhere else and watch another type of screen, this is some kind of irony I suppose...

Avatar is really the first christmas "Hollywood adventure" type movie Ive been looking forward to since the LOTR movies; for some reason december feels empty without one after 3 years of LOTR "magic" in a cinema. Mostly because it seemed the creator seemed to burn so much for making it, I suppose.

The story is extremly straightforward: an ex-marine without working legs gets shipped to a planet (or moon actually) some human corporation wants to mine for some valuable thingie, but the local population lives on top of the area they want to mine, so it's some tension obviously. The marine's twin brother was working on a project that lets humans "dreamcontrol" bodies that look similiar to the natives, but got killed after making his, so the corp needs a cheap replacement without having to make an extra body. And he is to make contact with the locals, and try to gather intel and get a diplomatic solution so the corporation can get the resources they want. But underway the marine starts to wonder about the ways of humans and the locals, and conflicts arise.

The greatest thing about the movie is the presentation. I watched it in 3d (with no subtitles, either) and it was just...incredible. This is the stuff I go to the cinema still to see; visual and audio perfection. The story and characters also worked well for this kind of movie, and while it is full of incredibly standard stuff one just ends up hoping it will be like that anyway just to see how it will be done. The flight scenes, the fight scenes, and generally just how the woods look, all of it is just jawdropping. Pure entertainment.

I will not ever buy this on dvd however - I seriously doubt it's something I could watch several times, nor would it be remotely the same to watch it on the tellie or on the comp... It also suffers from the standard hollywood adventure film of the characters being like characters from at least 20 other movies one can name out of hand, there is very little that provokes the brain (besides grabbing some more popcorn) and while it has a message, the message has chiming bells on it and is written in CAPS.

It's a bit unfair, but every sci fi movie has to be compared to District 9 forever on now, and I can't help but wish it had more "brainy" bits like that one. But by all means, Avatar is a movie I am very glad I got to see on the big screen.

Entertainment: 9/10.
Thought Provoking: 1/10.

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