torsdag 31. desember 2009

2009 Summary of Slacking.

As I was wondering the other day about how many books I must have read on average, and having a feeling I might have set a personal record this year with the amount of nobrainreading I have done in my life so far, I found it annoying I had never written down a number to compare with.. And since everything else I use my slackingtime with now is getting written down, keeping some kind of statistics on year by year basis seems like an interesting idea.

Books for fun read: 28.
Serious Books read: 1.

Full Console/pc games finished: 3

Movies watched at the cinema: 13

Seems about right. So over 2 books on average read per month, and just over 1 trip to the cinema per month.

When the year ends, I am currently reading 2 books - Baudolin by Umberto Eco (entertainment type) and All Under Heaven by Krieger (serious book, chinese history). So the goal of reading one book at a time is kept. Which I am happy with, reading books really is more enjoyable when it's not so much a struggle to remember what it was about...

While I have played a lot of games, it's not big surprise I haven't actually finished more than 3 games. However, some games stricly speaking *cannot* be finished. Games like FIFA, Street Fighter and Heroes of Might and Magic is more about open play than there being a concrete storyline or goal to try to finish. But I play such games every year, so it won't affect the statistics. The most annoying thing is however, the amount of games I have started on that I have not finished - either because it got boring or simply because it ends up conflicting with playing other games. Just like books used to be. Oddly enough, it's the same reasons why I end up diverting up games instead of sticking with one until I finish it...

There are really two problems I have when it comes to finishing stuff (not just games or books, most real life issues really) and one of them is rather straightforward, but not actually the top reason. The primary reason seems to be time/effort commitment that simply put is hard to keep to. For example, I started playing Dragonage: Origins. It was awesome. So awesome I ended up sleeping way too little making work and other stuff a struggle. So I banned myself from playing after certain hours and had "buffers" so I didn't have to stress like a madman to get to appointments on time and so on. But the problem is that just starting the game, and spending 1 hour or so playing is no fun at all. The whole immersion bit which is the top point of the game, is lost. Forgetting details in dialogues, learning bits and bobs that keeps you ahead in combat and so on, it all makes the entire experience less..interesting. So in the end I have gone weeks without actually playing it, now. I had the same problem with The Brothers Karamazov - reading bits and bobs over months is no good, I end up missing the whole point really. Several reviews I have seen or read over the year often speaks of "dedicating a weekend or two to get through it" seems literal - setting evenings or even days aside just to get things right. I did get through Resident Evil 4 that way in the end, so I will make an effort to do this with games the coming year to see if I can actually finish more games that way.

The other reason is obviously that the game ends up being boring in the long run, or just plain repetitive. Final Fantasy was like that, for example. It felt mostly like grinding with some not very interesting story bits in between... There have been few games like this in 2009 however, so I will just have to be as good when it comes to avoiding them in 2010.

On top of the goal of focusing on one game at a time in 2010, I have the extra goal of finding a replacement for the World of Warcraft hobby. Yeah, I consider WoW to be a hobby more than a game - the time requirements and the social bit around it makes it a hobby, albeit a nerdy one (although all hobbies are kinda nerdy). I have some ideas, but as the first goal is to have given up by may, I have some time to get some ideas on how to find some other addiction, preferably just as nerdy.

As it is new year's eve and I am still sick, what better way to slack my way into 2010 than sit down and dedicate the evening and then night to playing dragonage?

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