tirsdag 24. november 2009

On yet another nerdy year ending.

Right, when I was picking a book to read, I remembered I had set a goal earlier this year. To mop up all the half-read books I was on and stick with just one, mainly.

This I have done - not often I actually manage to show that kind of "improvement", actually. When I started reading the second Stieg Larsson book some days ago (or restarted, actually), I was in for a bit of a shock - I had only one book left in my "entertainment pile", and that was the third Larsson book... I cannot actually remember that this has happened since I started reading back when, running out of books to read. Granted, I have several heavy books to read still, but they are hardly much use for bus rides during christmas, or read a chapter before going to sleep sessions. I ended up buying a couple of books while starting my christmas gift shopping, says enough of me dreading the fate of having no pulp books around. But anyway, this is the one goal I had this year I actually managed to complete, depressing as that may sound.

Anyway, I now have the same problem with games. And I kinda have had that problem for as long as I have had the books-problem. So for next year my nerdy goal will be to finish off games I am currently playing, or have started on the last year, pretty much. I have actually started on this as a test run - picking a game out of the pile of games I want to finish, I ended up with Mass Effect (mostly because I have borrowed it since like March, poor guy needs to have it returned sooner rather than later *cough*), started off with deleting the 6 months+ old savegames, and tried to remember anything I did wrong last time I tried the game so I could improve.

A subgoal of this is of course to lay off the WoW crack for good - I have no desire to keep playing through yet another expansion, so currently trying to mop up things I have always wanted to, but other stuff ingame has always come in the way. So gonna turn into a bit of an egoistical swine ingame for a couple of months, and then quit. This also gives me a few months to find out what to replace it with; as it is what I might call a "hobby" instead of a simple timewaster game, and being slightly addicted you could also say - I have always been of the belief that anything that engrossing needs to be replaced with some other addiction to work properly. In other words, some other hobby or lifechange or whatever that I like and would spend a lot of time on instead. No doubt this will be some nerdy thing too, but I am currently in something of a doubt about options.

I should also try to decide on some classic to read; I finished just one short one this year and gave up someway into the Brothers Karamazov - but I think that kinda of project would require a vacation away from the rest of my life to finish. But I really WANT to finish so many classics, so I need to come up with ideas on how to get the willpower and time to invest in it.

But most of all, I need to make a list of all the games I am currently playing and try to decide on some order of things, the idea of starting with Mass Effect, then go Final Fantasy XII, then Dragon Age - all the while I am finishing WoW and trying to read a classic would most likely make me hate any kind of involving story for eternity.

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