søndag 25. oktober 2009

On FIFA 10.

Another year, another footie game duel. Every year for as long as I can remember I get my hopes up that they get it right again (the only fifa I really liked compared to other footie games was fifa 96....), and this year I couldn't help but think myself stupid for actually buying the newest version yet again. But oh well, at least its possible to trade it in and get a discount on the new PES when it comes out.

But damn, talk about being wrong this time around! I swear, something must have happened to EA - they seem to actually try to improve their games these days, give out creative titles (Dead Space for example, Bürning Legend, that game on M I cannot remember at the moment) and now this. In it's presentation, it's the same old FIFA, really - loads of team and league licences (I can choose all my favorite teams and have it properly done with no work for me at all, plus some), nice menus, nice music (although I have yet to hear any tune that was really good like in previous versions) and so on. The weakness has always been the gameplay, but this they have changed this year. For one weird reason, it's been 360 dribbling they have pushed a lot in commercials, but I cant say I noticed that that much. No, the biggest difference is that the whole feeling the previous games had with everything being so bloody scripted - one could find a position and always score insane goals no matter who shoots from there, every physical duel was always the same, FIFA 9 strikers always outran the defenders, and so on. Having played a fair bit now, I cannot say I notice any of that anymore - except possibly the counterattack way of somehow one attacker always being free in the exact same space so its a free goal very often, but its a counterattack, so I guess that's ok.

The good sides of the game is well... FIFA is fun to play for a long time for once! Compared to every other version this decade, it has lasted longer in single player than a single league season. It has nice pace, the physics engine is very good, all in all it feels much more like a footie game should "feel" when played. And when you combine it with the presentation that FIFA always have, it can't be wrong.

The bad sides is the usual footie game problems, that I think will never be solved. Like, goalie having soap on his gloves far to often, and the AI doing really weird things with him. After scoring, players ignore the laws of physics, and run completly mad around through things and people and god knows what else. Commentators being good (this version I can have swedish commentators, nothing beats swedish commentators for laughs!), but very seldom actually matches what is happening except who gets the ball (my favorite is something along the lines of "What an incredible pass!" when trying to set up a striker inside the box, but halfway through the same commentator says "What an incredibly bad pass, he should be ashamed of himself"), and the AI not being very fun to play against in the long run.

I might just end up NOT buying the new PES now, especially since it seems it has the same problems, and hasnt changed much the last years. And if EA can change like this, who is to say the rest of the world cannot?

Entertainment: 8 (singleplayer most likely less)
Thought Provoking: 3 (multiplayer at least, singleplayer is between 0 and 1)

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