lørdag 24. oktober 2009

On Angels of Darkness.

After the big tome of Eriksson, I wanted something I could finish rather fast. And at about 300 pages, this book by Gav Thorpe seemed like a good idea - it's set in the Warhammer 40k universe, and is one of rather few books that most readers seem to like in the segment.

It's, weirdly enough, not "warporn" like most other 40k books. The plot is that a warrior society (perhaps they could be called futuristic knights), at some point in the past never flagged their stance in a big civil war, and actually ended up fighting amongst themselves instead. The losers ended up being called Fallen and are traitors, and ever since the proper members have hunted them - and in this book one is captured, and he is one of the protagonists, the other is the one interrogating him. It's also set in two time periods, one is the interrogation, the other is years later. The big theme is about loyalty I'd say, and the fine line between good and evil (or the lack of being able to use those terms). Of course it has shooting and some other action, but it sometimes seems it was put in just to be able to have the 40k mark on the book.

Not exactly what I expected from picking up a short pulp sci-fi book, but still. For being really short, I found the plot and characters (the protagonists at least) well done, and a nice change of pace from the over the top action sequences and "egoistical vs altruistic" vendettas of most other 40k books. And as I really enjoy the setting, it has a rather unique view on a lot of happenings in the setting, which is always refreshing.

On the other hand, the action bits is a chore most of the time, and the bits that isn't interview often bogs down in some smallish background hints about how recruitment, training and so goes on - considering it was perhaps needed when the book was released quite a while ago, still think it could either be more..detailed, or skipped, instead of being some kind of backdrop. But also, perhaps it's some kind of literary tool I have no idea of how works :p

Entertainment: 8/10.
Thought Provoking: 5/10.

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