tirsdag 22. september 2009

On The Judging Eye.

Being one of those awkward books to read - the first book of a new trilogy based on a trilogy I found to be an extremly good read; The Prince of Nothing by R Scott Bakker. Expectations through the roof, a big gap of curiosity on where things will go, and with people like Abercrombie writing successfull "sequels" to good books, I was perhaps a bit...over the top in my drooling over the book.

The book takes place 20 years (iirc, the exact amount of years don't seem very important) after The Prince of Nothing ended, several main characters remain, and big threads left over from the previous books still abound, it kinda feels like no time has passed. While PoN was sorta a mix of Myth: The Fallen Lords and The Crusades mixed up - a religious war with a dash of easy dark human philosophy and a looming threat in the background with ye olde hoary undead, daemons and dark magic kinda thing. This one seems more like a mix of well, Myth: The Fallen Lords and Lord of the Rings. The Anasürimbors have gathered a mighty host of blokes with random armaments that is going after The Consult, your generic evil sorceror types. (Oh so similiar to a certain war between a human kingdom and Mordor) Achamian has gone all eccentric and has become obsessed about finding out truths about various factions, including his dreams becoming different revealing not only stuff about Seswathas experiences during the first apocalypse. This amongst other things takes them through dark places in the wilderness (read Moria like). Not exactly a terribly original fantasy plot in other words.

I was pretty dissapointed when I started reading it, and it took a fair while to finish considering how long it has been out. It has some fun characters, especially one of the race known as "Nonmen" nicknamed Cleric - they are sorta like how I envision Elves would be, making me a happy puppy to see one appear as a major character. And although Akkas venture into Ye Olde Caves of Horror is pretty good, the rest ends up being mostly passable.

It's just too many words and pages that seem to not be needed (kinda like some of my reviews, really), so even if it is a big book, the plot really does nothing but introduce characters, several who was already known. And while the previous three were packed with something to think about, there's not a lot here, even if it course has a lot more than the books I have been reading lately. It passed the time, not much more, sadly...

Entertainment: 7/10.
Thought Provoking: 6/10.

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