tirsdag 22. september 2009

On District 9.

The voiceovers are quite crappy in that trailer, but whatever.

As a sort of surprise movie, I had barely heard anything about it until suddenly I see loads of reviews suddenly rating a sci fi movie with great marks and loads of positive wording. Thinking this most likely is some rather bland dull movie, I read some more about it, and just had to see it, even pushing out the second Larsson movie from the list.

It's about the good old human vs aliens conflict, but this time the whole encounter thing spins things about. First contact was years ago, as aliens was stranded in their ship above Johannesburg, and rescue people had to get them out of there and put them in refugee camps. Years pass, and it doesn't seem they can get away from Earth again, and the usual problems with "foreigners not fitting into society" rears its ugly head - culture clashes over ownership of things, loads of people being locked inside a fence (no doubt with apartheid, nazi camps and israel's palestine policy in mind), the government decides to move the aliens into the wilderness where they will cause less problems supposedly - but the main character of the movie, the leader of the ones having to notice the aliens of them having to move, has a mishap, and action, humor and a dark view on humanity spins the movie onward in a relentless pace.

This is without a doubt the best sci fi movie I've seen. The actual setting, as a first, seems believable, it is extremly easy to like, hate or recognise how characters behave and how things are. The action is modest in the way it is handled, it has loads of cool scenes, but they dont last ages so the cool stuff just turn dull and just seems pointless. It has good acting, always nice with actors you have never seen do well. It plays well with emotions, one moment the entire audience laughing, the next moment you can almost hear everyone muttering "why you damned evil...", it's just entertainment at it's best. The ending is also good, without having to go with stereotyped superhappy endings or superbad ones. And the whole "how to solve things like these" still dwells in my head days later...

Bad things? Uh, well, some of the action obviously takes away the fact it could have been a good social commentary movie in my mind, but it can't be the best of both worlds at the same time, if it were, I'd pity everything that came later haha.

Entertainment: 10/10.
Thought Provoking: 8/10.

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Kudi sa...

I should watch this.. but I have no one to go to the movies with.. Note to self: Get sci-fi loving (or at least liking) friends.