mandag 17. august 2009

On Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans.

Right... As being a pretty big fan of the two previous Underworld movies, I had eagerly awaited this one. But what do the distributors do? They KINDLY dont bother to have it run on the cinema here in norway, and the dvd gets released months and months after others get it. And they wonder why people download stuff? Jeez, I wonder why I didn't, actually.

Anyway, the movie is a prequel to the other two movies, and is about the time mentioned where Lucius is one of many werewolf slaves for the vampires, in the distant past. He is humping the daughter of one of the vampire elders, and things gets out of hand and the vampire elder ends up sentencing his own daughter to death. The movie then being about fleshing this out with the why and how. This kind of story is pretty much done over and over in the fantasy/supernatural/anykindofiction world (and most likely more than enough nonfiction too..), evil guy being evil to his subjects, forbidden love affair, slaves wanting freedom, etc etc. So some naked flesh, some fancy "supermoves" fight scenes, some talking and LOADS of posing.

The first positive thing about it I can come up with, is that the same actors from the first two still play in this one, so the sense of "continuity" is still there. And it keeps its atmosphere. And the action at least looks somewhat good.

Loads of things I didn't like though. First one was, the movie seemed utterly pointless if one hadn't seen the two other ones, as the characters was shallow even having seen those. It also forgot the good old "for it to be dark, it needs some light" - its like under 1 minute in a 90 minute movie where there is any kind of light. Zooming in on a moon just doesn't cut it. It's like overly emo, really. And while vampire/werewolf kinda movies often ends up with loads of staring and posing, COME ON! Just because you are undead or other supernatural being, not everything has to be speeches or staring contests. And the action lacked the tension so much it reeked - most of it was "zoom in on someone shooting" then "zoom in on someone getting shot", while swordfights was "zoom in on posing staring" then "someone does backflips or instagibs someone with a bite", woohoo!

It says enough when Warcraft lore on the same subject is more interesting and entertaining, and even Blizzard scrapped the actual game about it (Thrall getting free and so on), so heh.

That being said, months and months of expectations might have ruined my realistic expectations about it. It's just annoying when they got the basics right, and as the actors could work with the script in the two first movies, some choices made when creating the script and such must have been skewed... Kinda like bloody Troy...

Entertainment: 5/10.
Thought Provoking: 1/10

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