fredag 28. august 2009

On The Ships of Air.

The second book of The Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy by Martha Wells. As normal, I had incredibly high expectations as it was book 2 of a trilogy - I mostly (I thought at least) tend to like these the best in a trilogy, as it tends to focus on characters already introduced, and twist their relationships underway, while the main plot already on it's way and there is no need to end it. It has actually taken me an absurd amount of time to get through this book (I started on it the day I finished the first book, reviewed earlier), the start was actually terribly boring. So I am starting to wonder, am I really a fan of these second books afterall? As the next book I will be reading is actually a second book in a trilogy (of a sort), it will be interesting enough in itself...

Anyway, the book continues the plot from The Wizard Hunters - the main character Tremaine and her friends and foes is mostly hanging about on a ship this time around, roaming around trying to save refugees from several different worlds on a titaniclike ship, while their opponents the evil Gardiers are trying to obliterate most stuff around, and especially Tremaine & company. I am actually sitting here pondering if there is much else to say about the plot, there are of course some mysteries about who and what these gardier are that pop up, and getting to know the various factions a bit more. Very typical of that second book thing, in other words.

The thing I liked the most about this book, can pretty much be said "the last third" of it. While the first two thirds of the book really didnt add much to any of the characters (to me it was just another way of writing stuff like "and nynaeve pulled her braid in frustration" or "nynaeve reallyed wanted to wash her hair" and crap like that) - the last bit had a fair bit amount of action, plot and plan foulups, interesting dialogue, some sense of high adventure and the works. Just the thing I liked about Wells' other books.

The bad thing is really how utterly droll most of the book was, this Tremaine character has something of a superheroine about her, especially after a while when her faults doesn't really seem to be faults or gets explained as not being her fault, and that kinda thing. And hearing her complain constantly about her inadquate abilities and such makes it kinda frustrating to read, especially when she is doing and thinking up all these superduper things along the way. And I am not that interested in ships and "supersoftcuddly horror" to not roll my eyes about walking around on a ship constantly trying to create a spooky atmosphere that isnt spooky or anything. And all the dialogue and such didn't really forward the relationship between the characters at all until the last part of the book, so meh.

Entertainment: 7/10.
Thought Provoking: 1/10.

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