fredag 28. august 2009

On Inglorious Basterds.

If I ever had insane expectations for one movie, it has to be this one. Judging by the trailer and so on, I was pretty much expecting something like a nazihunting version of Kill Bill 1 or possibly like Planet Terror. It wasn't like that at all, serves me right for expecting the plot from watching trailers!

The movie is pretty much about 3 "camps" - a group of guerillalike american jews hunting nazis in France during the war, kinda over the top like the A-Team or something similiar, without the glaring easiness such teams always manage to solve things. The nazis, amongst them one nicknamed "Jewhunter" who is tasked with hunting jews in France. And a survivor from the evilness that was nazigermany, a cinemaowning young lady. Most of the movie ends up in the usual Tarantino movieidea - lots of dialogue, in a mix of over the top acting and accents, to something more humane, to comedy, all the while the main plot remains for Aldo (Pitt's character) and his crew trying to whack nazis.

The strengths of the movie is as usual with Tarantino movies the interesting character dialogues that show up - somehow he always managed to craft good characters, cast the right people for them, and it always ends up interesting. Especially Cristoph Waltz as Hans Landa was one hell of an acting masterpiece. Mixed with all the funny situations the characters end up in, and even for a talky movie the hours was like minutes. The action sequences were ok too, although not in the same way previous Tarantino movies has had action.

The major bad thing about the movie, was the amount of characters introduced, while not really getting much attention. Some of them wouldn't have needed a long intro, how they were the rest of the movie would really be enough, while others would get next to no attention and ended up being flavorless and dull. (One of the guys being "italian" at the end for example). This is kinda annoying in a movie so based on the characters, making it a bit of a rollercoaster ride depending on what characters were present in each scene.

Entartainment: 8/10.
Thought Provoking: 2/10.

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