fredag 28. august 2009

On The Gates of Gods.

It took me almost 2 months to finish The Ships of Air, but after finishing it - and considering how entertaining the end was, I started reading the last book in The Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy the day after. While the first day only got me through 120 pages or so (60 before and after work as it were), I had gotten a cold, was exhausted after work yesterday, headache and burning through kleenex like no tomorrow. And while all I wanted to was to sleep, it just had to be one of those insomnia nights. So it took 2 days to finish instead of 2 months... How ironic.

Continuing where the previous one left off, Tremaine and the other cast had started to learn some things about their enemy, the gardier, and met some new allies (and foes). While the previous books pretty much had the plot go on in the same location(s), this one goes to the whole 80s (and possibly 90s) addiction with the whole world jumping idea (like Riftwar, Planescape, and for that matter Narnia too, Stargate etc), where most of the action centers around ancient ruins, finding out the mysteries of lost ideas and how their foes ended up mastering all these old things. And of course the various foes throughout the books ends up in a big fight. And while some characters change somewhat, there aren't really any major character twists.

The best thing, in spite of my preference for all the deviant characters in most books I've really liked lately, was that it was such a straightforward archtype fantasy book. My brain was not needed while reading, and everything went exactly as it should be in a "fairytale", just like most similiar books. And for being what it was, it was well handled. Some jokes about magic, check. Magical fights, check. Properly handled romance, check. Heroes that are actually heroes, check. "Awww"-moments, check. If the term "popcornbook" existed, this would be it, I suppose. And sometimes I was sure I could hear the Sacrifice music and sound effects in the background...

On the other hand, the characters ended up kinda...dull, they were saved somewhat by the writing and the pace of the book, but otherwise meh. I doubt I will remember many of them for long (except perhaps Ixion, being a good archtype for evil wizard). All in all, the whole trilogy didn't have much that City of Bones and Death of the Necromancer didn't have, except being over 3 books instead of 1. Which I find somewhat dissapointing.

Entertainment: 8/10.
Thought Provoking: 1/10.

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