mandag 17. august 2009

On Drag Me To Hell.

Couldn't find no embeddable trailer, but as things purged on nubtube a lot it doesn't matter much perhaps.

Anyway, Drag me to hell is a "soft" horrormovie, made by the guy behind the Spiderman and Evil Dead movies. It's about an employee in a bank who tries to impress her boss by saying no to giving some old woman a loanextension, meaning she will lose her house. The old woman turns out to be a mad old witch, and puts a wicked curse on the banker. And then it's all about some kind of daemon pestering her in various situations, while she tries to get the curse undone - everything from bad things happening at a dinner with possible inlaws, to the usual kitchen horror sounds. It's a more "funny" kind of horror, trying to be scary with some fun moments, and not just try to shock everyone with morbid visuals and the like. Truth to tell, this is one of the few movies that come out these days they prolly could have made 40 years ago or more (though of course the visuals and sound is of better quality than it wouldve been), and that in itself is somewhat refreshing.

The best part of it was..well, it was how I wand a horror movie to be. It's well done, mixing up a few good laughs, good soundcrafting and the plot being rather refreshing (not "AAAH THE ZOMBIES ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD"), enjoyable characters and acting. Pretty much a very good film for pure entertainment that makes the popcorn last longer as one forgets to eat.

Hard to say anything negative here either (some impressive karma when it comes to choice of cinema movies these days it seems), I only wish I had seen it at a bigger cinema - kinda weird to see it in an overfilled small place after it had run for ages, but I guess its kinda like Hangover, one of those movies theaters never think will actually do well.

Entertainment: 9/10.
Thought Provoking: 1/10.

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