søndag 23. august 2009

On Choke.

After some serious backslash when it comes to reading loads of books at once, I finished something! Mostly because I finished a game, got kinda burned out on gaming, but still!

As usual, the short books always ends up being the easy way out. And knowing that Palahniuk books always ends up interesting, the choice wasn't hard. This time it's about a guy who works as an irish indentured worker (if my spelling memory is correct) in a theme park, his mom is sick in a hospital with bills he cannot pay so he goes to restaurants to choke on food and hopes his saviours take pity on him and send him cash on the grounds they saved his life and want to continue saving him. He also cruises sex addiction groups, on the grounds there are no better places to pick up chicks seemingly. The big plot hook is that his mom seems to hide a big secret about his birth, but since her memory is shady due to her illness, he starts to get desperate to find out what it is - like possibly being the second incarnation of christ.

Also as usual, the strongpoints of the book is the characters and all the random perceptions of "deviants", the first word that comes to mind. The process the characters goes through is extremly entertaining, and all the insights and small lines of thoughts on humanity today also leads to thinking about the book not even when reading it, like the others I have ready by him. And the twists that come up is well handled this time around, and the oneliners not overdone either, so the weaknesses of some of his other books are here in strength.

Nothing really bad to gripe about really - except sleep deprivation after finishing it at like 3.30 am.. sigh.

Entertainment: 10/10.
Thought Provoking: 7/10.

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