onsdag 15. juli 2009

On Terminator Salvation.

Summer movies.. A break from the heat to watch explosions, that seems to be the general principle.

I have never actually been a big fan of the Terminator movies, although they have been good popcorn movies. So I went to see this movie with no expectations whatsoever. Unlike the other Terminator movies I have seen (I didn't see the one with Loken, whatever that was called again, 3?) was "present time", so it's kinda refreshing that they have at least moved the plot into the future that always seemed like the proper place for the movies to be set. The plot is rather straightforward; the human resistance is fighting evil robots, resistance finds some kind of signal to turns robots off, plan commences to blow up robot's base(s). At the same time, some guy who has been convicted of murder some time back before the robots took over the world, who donated his body to some kind of research, wakes up and is alienated by the whole wartorn destroyed world, and tries to find whoever did what to him, and of course he ends up meeting the resistance and some obvious plot plays out about who he is and so on. And meanwhile 5 minutes seldom pass without something getting blown up or someone getting hit on the head.

It's hard to say what was good and bad about the movie; I was never bored, but I wasn't exactly blown away either. It was a properly designed post apocalyptic world, with all the usual ingredients (robot city had loads of random flames popping up all over the place, buildings suitably evil, other places was mostly just blown to pieces, and so on) for a popcorn movie anyway, and it never tried to be some kind of super deep philosophy thing that it would have failed at anyway. And it had a nice pace of the various elements, some talking, some blowing up, some talking, some blowing up, never turning into action scenes that was dragged out into a yawn, or bad dialogue you just want to skip.

On the bad side, the actual plotline was horribly short, it seemed a small beep in the scheme of things. Of course, these types of movies will never run out of possible sequels, but come on.. When the movie was over, it felt like some kind of movie meant to start another 10 sequels. And none of the action scenes were really that impressive, except for well handled explosions. All the fights was 80s trading-punches-for-ages-since-both-guys-are-either-robots-or-a-movie-superhero with better effects. Again, most action games handle these things better than movies these days.

Entertainment: 7/10.
Thought Provoking: 1/10.

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