mandag 27. juli 2009

On The Hangover.

Some kind of movies I rarely see at the cinema; this is one of those kinds of movies. Not because I have a dislike for em or anything, but when I go to the cinema I want to take advantage of all the gear they have, so tend to see big epic things with loads of visuals and sound and all that jazz. So it was kinda weird going to see this instead of say Drag Me To Hell or Public Enemies.

The movie is about a 4 guys going to vegas before one of them is supposed to get married, but during the night drinking they loose the groom, and wake up with a chicken, a wrecked room and a tiger in the bathroom, remembering nothing of the night before and with a severe hangover. Commence finding out what has happened begin! It is much like a lot of other similiar themed comedies (thinking superbad, knocked up and so on) pretty mature oriented (boobies, language, some violence etc) which suits me fine - if I want embarassing innocent social interaction comedy I'll just stick with Alo Alo still. So it's no big surprise that something really wacko things have happened along the way.

Good things.. Well, any comedy that can make me laugh pretty much constantly through it, and not hide my face in my hands in embarassement is something of a streak of genius in my eyes. Knocked Up did the same, and much of the positive traits of that movie is here aswell - incredibly well thought out characters (that are nailed by the actors), good pace, the works. And Mike Tyson sings and have some really funny lines too, just... incredible.

Bad things you ask? Well.. For what it was, it had none. One could always start to ponder on what the movie actually gives you, but that's not the point here.

Entertainment: 10/10
Thought Provoking: 2/10

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