tirsdag 2. juni 2009

On Silent Hill (the movie).

Another example of the power of friends-marketing. After hearing and seeing so much Silent Hill related stuff lately (without ever playing one of the games myself) I found it in the cheap shelf (do I ever buy anything anymore that isnt on one of those SPECIAL OFFERS stands I wonder...), was aiming for seeing it at night several times, but ended up seeing it during daylight due to being unable to do anything else due to this blasted heat.

Movie is about the parents of a kid with some kind of illness, sleepwalking and supposedly something else, and mumbling about some place called Silent Hill, and it ends up with the mother taking the kid there, in the hope they will find a cure or solution to her daughters problems. Then enter scary monsters, sounds and people, plus some plot twists. Sadly I remembered I had seen the last 10 minutes or so of the movie after having seen a bit, so it was a bit of a downer when I knew who was what and so on.

The best point of the movie was that it didn't contain any boring moments - it had a pretty good pace, while for being a scary movie actually had a somewhat interesting plot, and how it looked and sounded was good, no rolleyes cgi or effects or anything like that. Also, the actors was doing a fair job of the script when it wasn't yelling someone's name.

The negative points was I suppose.. It was more of a disturbing movie than a scary one - like "oh look at me I am gross phear me!1!1", and general creepyness. I don't think I jumped once during the entire movie. Perhaps Dead Space made me jaded? Also, I got the feeling I get during most such kind of movies, that it lacks fleshing out, books and games just do this genre way more justice than movies I find. Games can spend way more time with the story and characters while still having all the scary moments and plot and so on, while books can play with your head a lot better and also put in loads of fleshing out. This I was told in advance too for that matter, would need to play the games and/or read up on background to get the most out of it.

So all in all, a typical popcornmovie, worth watching, but nothing I will remember as simply awesome later on. Kinda curious how the games are in SH's case too, but my soul can't another Dead Space like game for at least a month I reckon.

Entertainment: 7/10
Thought Provoking: 3/10

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