lørdag 6. juni 2009

On Red Cliff.

Once again the loveable bit of living in a city rears its head - more asian film goodness in the cinema. This time about a sagalike battle in China - in the style of movies like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Seven Swords and the like.

The last big epic I saw out of the east that was similiar to Red Cliff was Seven Swords (I also saw one crappy movie later on, but cant even remember what it was called...), while it had the usual fantastic visuals, and a generally good cinemamovieplot, it was cut to pieces "to fit the european market". So you barely got to know the characters at all, just some very light story jammed with visuals and battles. And Red Cliff was supposedly cut from two movies into one for us Idiot Europeans, so my expectations was... that it would be like Seven Swords.

The movie is pretty much about some #general evil villain being naughty to the emperor and wanting everything for himself, with the usual chinese evil overlord traits of reciting poetry to his troops that everyone applauds to out of sucking up power, against a team of "For the People!" heroes with few resources, but loads of cunning and stunning girlfriends and a talent for music and other typical chinese hero traits. Featuring the stunning battlescenes (some review I read called the movie "battleporn", pretty spot on), weird asian humor and some very light character storylines. Over what, 2 hours 30 minutes or so.

Exactly like Seven Swords I just loved how it all looked, all the weird humor and all the tactics, reasons for fighting discussions, and the battles themselves. Hollywood almost never makes stuff close to what the chinese can do there (of course, it's a lot of stylechoice subjective opinion mixed in here), and it blows me away almost every time one of these big movies comes along. It was never a dull moment, and even though a lot of stuff is just begging for eyerolling, it just never ceases to entertain and such.

Just like Seven Swords too, the character stuff was just shabby. The movie hinted at a lot of relations between characters, and though it didn't have any of the "look back at things that wasn't actually included in the film" scenes like Seven Swords, it's pretty annoying. It ends up being pretty shallow overall with just the odd good dialogue, and thus Hero and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon still reigns supreme (not to mention Zatoichi) in a great supreme package kinda way.

Entertainment: 9/10
Thought provoking: 4/10

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