søndag 7. juni 2009

On Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Another example of a trailer being somewhat crappy compared to the movie.

This was the first movie of it's kind I saw, only seen Kurosawa movies and some other black & white classics from that area of the world before. Big epos is what it's all about, about a rebellious girl from the chinese nobility and on the other side two "old" worn out heroes, with a sword getting stolen mixing up the factions, ending up in a large chunk of fight scenes, romance and somewhat philosophical dialogues.

Even after all these years (I think it's like 2 years since I saw it last, and it's been years since it was made afterall) it's visuals, sound and so on is still awesome. Unlike some other cut up chinese movies, this one has a very interesting storyline on the characters, and the romance bits in it's ups and downs, and how the characters view each other and so on is really interesting, and at least somewhat different from other epos kinda movies. The fight scenes gets an extra dimension isntead of just dazzling swordplay too then. Acting is nice aswell, and I still find it funny that one of the main cast in a movie such as this had no martial arts background, but is a dancer..

It's really hard to say something negative about it.. But would have to be some scenes feels kinda drawn out, which well, prevents it from topping my favorite movie list. And perhaps lacking some more thoughtfull dialogue, but I guess that wouldn't work in a movie such as this that much.

Entertainment: 10/10
Thought Provoking: 5/10

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