søndag 10. mai 2009

On Survivor.

by Chuck Palahniuk.

Huzzah, the olde bookpile is now no more!

This book, written by the same guy that wrote Fight Club, that has a film based on it, is also a book that some people have been talking about adapting into a film. I really wonder how that will be done however.. It's really strange, the main plot is about a guy from some kind of christian sect in rural Nebraska who have hijacked a plane to have it crash with just him onboard in the Australian outback; and he records his past in the black box on the plane. Underway we get to know how he ended up being the last of his sect, and get pushed into stardom, his work as some kind of housekeeping slave, how shrinks deal with these offshots, and a load of other stuff. It jumps back and forth, though oddly enough it is never actually confusing. And the author puts in (as usual, I have read two other books by him besides Fight Club that were pretty much the same that way) small lines about life, death and mankind these days. I have no idea about litterary terms, but "millenium angst" pops up quite often. And that sounds plausible.

I liked this book, I must say. Well written, interesting characters, loads of good...lines and observances, just like his other books; but compared to Diary and Invisible Monsters, and just like Fight Club the general idea is interesting for me to read about; the whole sect, stardom thing. And it is good enough without needing his usual shocking twists that tends to pop up in his books. And besides going overboard on housecleaning pointers at the start, it has a nice pace even with all the extra non-plot stuffed in.

Just like with Legion, I don't have anything I can put my finger on when it comes to thing I think is bad.. It just misses something that make it, extraordinary, or something.

Rated: 9/10

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