fredag 22. mai 2009

On Star Trek - 2009 version.

As per usual, trailers seem to spoil most things. Modern moviemaking at it's best. However, popcornmovies seldom are very hard to guess the plot of, it's how it happens that matters, so.

The basic idea here is a bit like Dead Space really - copy a lot of typical genre things and make it your own. This time a small altering of the timestream giving the creators of the movie some free reign to change things up a bit. Hard to pinpoint what it actually is about, mostly about vengeance I daresay. Evil guys do evil against Kirk's father and Spock as a revenge for imagined evils, making it a battle against evil people in evil ship doing evil tings to planets and people. Add shooting, fistfights and womanizing (though nothing that would make it require you to do be old to see it), and it's a wrap.

The good stuff... Well, it had lots of funny comments, moments and so on. And it was never boring, even though it lasted like 2 hours and 10 minutes or so. And it looked good. So a good popcornmovie in that way.

Negative things.. Well, the action scenes really lacked something fancy. Just random shooting and KIRK SMASH. Yawn.. Making the action scenes kinda the bad thing about it. And perhaps some of the acting wasn't all that interesting, but that couldve been the script too.

Entertaining 8/10
Thought Provoking 1/10

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