lørdag 2. mai 2009

On Stagnation.

Once again, I have a period of not really finishing anything. I have these periods every now and then, funny how it ends up being similiar most times.

I was trying to read the second to last book in my back collection of books; Tyranny of the Night by Glen Cook. I have tried reading that book a couple of times before, and while I managed to get about 100 pages into the book, it's just...dull. The book is something of a "fantasized" version of the days of crusading and whatnot, I keep thinking "why didn't the author just write a book about the actual world crusade and mixing it up with magic and myths and god knows what else instead of making it all up as a copy instead" or something along those lines. While his other series, The Black Company, had tonnes of interesting characters from the get go, I just find the characters grey and not really interesting on top of struggling with all the names. So I now officially give the book up, and have placed it in the "will not bother to read" pile. AND STAY THERE!

That only leaves Survivor in the backlog; not sure if I want to try that or read some other stuff first. Planning to try to finish Brothers Karamazov during my holiday this summer, we'll see if I can manage that.

I was very addicted to the game Dead Space, and played it a lot. But it actually reaches my limit on gory stuff; had it been a movie it wouldn't have been so bad but the actual interaction bits often scares the shit out of me, and the combination with getting somewhat monotonous gamingwise has kept me away from it for a while. And Mass Effect kinda killed my OH MY GOD SO GOOD impression once I had to drive around in that bloody car, which was incredibly annoying. So instead I have been playing Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (AGAIN), Pro Evo Soccer and some Street Fighter 4. Goes to show that at least some games can last years and years. But I really want to finish at least Dead Space, to see what they do with the story and such.

Kinda funny with the fact I haven't played WoW since medio march or something now, and here I was thinking I could spend my time on lots of proper stuff, and it ends up being just as before I started playing WoW, watch bad TV and surf more. Nothing else has changed, funny innit. Oh, and I started my old miniatures hobby again, not that I have finished anything there either, for that matter.

Just hope I can finish Dead Space this month at least, and manage to read a book that is A LOT more interesting that Tyranny. A toast for a nerdy may!

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