lørdag 16. mai 2009

On Snuff.

By Chuck Palahniuk.

Yesyes, another Palahniuk book. Just love em, being so short, it doesn't feel like some undertaking to start at one and might end up finishing it years from now.

This time the book is about the filming of a porn flick, much in the style of what was written so much about in the press some years ago, one girl and a record breaking number of guys after each other. You get the take on this from 3 guys waiting in line, plus what you could call the organiser. As usual, you get offered views on the whole thing, tips on good stuff to do if you are in the business, how the characters ended up where they are, and lots of other details. The main plot here is however the rumor that the porn queen in the shoot had a kid years and years back, and the idea that this now grown up kid of hers show up in the shoot. And while you could hardly call it an erotic novel, it has it's fair share of dirty moments, so if that isn't your cup of pepsi stay well clear.

As usual the writing style just makes the novel read itself, there really isn't much crap making you yawn underway. Lots of funny moments, several sad moments, head shaking moments, philosophy, twists and the works. The characters are great as usual. In short, everything you'd expect from Palahniuk.

However.. Some of the catchphrase stuff was just overdone here. One of the characters likes to catchphrase types of people, and the chapters with this character ends up repeating the same phrases way too much. The author always writes on the edge over overdoing just that, and in this book he has. It's like... the subject matter just wasn't enough, so he needs to have chapters to push it into your face to make sure you think it isn't something politically correct. The only thing it did to me was making the chapters with that person a chore, getting to the interesting bits underway.

So, it ends up being a bit worse than Palahniuk-average.

Rated: 7/10

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