torsdag 14. mai 2009

On Non-Fiction.

By Chuck Palahniuk.

Yesyes, Palahniukaddiction. Think I am missing 2 books by now, but considering the new pile of books that is stacking up, I better remember moderation again.

This book is not like the other ones by him I have read - it's a collection of well, articles I suppose I shall have to call em; some seem to be written for magazines or newspapers or something, while some I suppose is more essaylike, but the whole genre labels thing is starting to be lost due to being something learned in school ages and ages ago. And one could always argue if I ever learned it.. Anyway, besides being written/put together by Palahniuk, the pieces are pretty much as diverse as you can get them. Everything from interviews with people building their own castles, to an interview with Marilyn Manson, to notekeeping.

Ended up feeling like a collection of articles that is comparable to the good ones that sometimes pop up in newspapers and magazines hidden beneath all the stardom, cooking, supposed world endings and attempts at creating political division that doesn't matter (at least the papers in Norway are like that...), nearly all of them was interesting, and some of them very interesting. And food for thought.

It was pretty weird to read it in such a format however... I knew what I was getting, but still... Would be nice with another kind of format for a lot of the pieces, makes me just wish I had seen em in a magazine or something instead; with pictures or illustrations - especially when it comes to writing about people I have never heard of, or some kind of illustrations and whatnot. And some pieces I wish would be longer, it was just like touching upon a subject and move on..

Rated: 8/10

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