søndag 17. mai 2009

On New vs Old vs Older.

Right. In between all the reading, and after finishing Dead Space, I ended up pretty much looking for something that wasn't a 3d shooter and overly bloody. Mass Effect is a shooter/rpg hybrid, and the car driving just plain sucks, so wasn't able to play it. I also have been toying around with Assassin's Creed - but it was either jump around or stab people, so currently not so hot. I even got the demo/trial for Riding Club Championships (a friend works there) just to test it out, but since it just crashes to desktop way too often without there seeming to be any actual performance issues I gave up.

So what is a nerd to do when bored?

Look for something older, obviously. At the store, looking at games, all the new pc stuff is just some kind of drm crap - if the publishers could demand you hand in your leg and and arm to play for games you actually buy, they would. So PC is currently pretty much a dead gaming platform for me at the moment, except some older gems that isn't retarded.

The old WoW squad is pretty much trying to find new addictions too, so its not that hard to find good "new" ideas. First I was trying to find Civilization 4, but it seems sold out everywhere, and none of the stores I visited had any idea when and how to get it. So, I had to cancel that idea. The other nagging from someone else has been Starcraft - and the more it was talked about, I turned into wanting to try that. And the more I thought about it, I had actually never tried Brood War, the expansion. Last time I tried Starcraft, last autumn or before christmas or something, I played the campaign and was pretty much dissapointed. This time I have tried 1v1 and some games against the comp, which was way more funny (even though I suck), and since I want to improve, it has resultedet in planning during cooking of dinner with scribblings on random sheets of paper lying around and watching stuff like this:

It still looks... well, bleeding eyes and the like.

Also I got my hands on this:

Which at first impression seems like a fine tuned Rome: Total War. In some ways. Except what annoyed me the most in the previous game, which was all the annoying sieges. The first bit I have played, it's nothing _BUT_ sieges. Dear god! It looks good, sounds good, has endless amount of detail and with turn based big map I can slack away hours and hours, but having annoying camera control and units that get lost inside even the smallest village during simple move commands.. Ugh. Something tells me I need to do more custom battles while whittling away the campaign; it doesn't get any better that my Rome trick of just sieging people until they sally out or get reinforcing armies end up being foiled now and then because the generals lose their loyalty and bugger off.. Bastards.

After trying out various factions I ended up with the English - I just liked their starting location in the end; I had originally with some help decided on playing the Spanish, but while surrounded by the Portugese and the Moors, and the nearby rebel was bloody El Cid and a vastly superior army to what I start with, I chickened out.

It all kinda feels like the first time I played chess against my father, way too much to learn...

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