fredag 8. mai 2009

On Legion.

By Dan Abnett.

So, I was reading Tyranny of the Night, got fed up with it, and ditched it. So instead of starting on something that I was unsure if I might like or not, I went for this book, a short sci fi book in a series I had read other books in, and sounded pretty much like a good timewaster.

Legion is a book set in the Warhammer 40k universe, in the central setting definition era - where the leader of mankind's most trusted people turn traitor and start off a big civil war, which steals/borrows themes, stories and everything pop and classic culture and meshes it into some kind of epic. The series deals with various factions and how they end up choosing sides in the conflict, and what happens with them underway. Legion is about the Alpha Legion, a bunch of genetically enhanced Knights in Space, one of the last such orders put together by the Emperor to do his dirty work. When the book starts, they are part of an invasion of a hostile world together with the regular army, but the world doesn't play fair, and nothing is as it seems. The book never lets the reader see through the Alpha Legion's eyes, to build up the question on if they are telling the truth, what they are actually doing, who is who, and so on. Same thing goes in a lesser extent to most other people and factions in the book, instead of the usual 40k ways of people and factions tending to be pretty straightforward this isn't. And it is done pretty well for being, well, a pulp sci fi novel. The ending offers something completly different for a long time 40k fanboi too, and it works well, and since the whole setting has stagnated for pretty much a decade now, that is simply amazing. The book practically read itself after the first 50 or so pages, which was a relief after Tyranny of the Night. The action never ended up with standard 40k tripes (random characters uppercutting machines the size of cities, 1 guy singlehandedly whacking 100 guys or the like), and the character interactions and drama works well, and the choices people do seems believable considering the setting. Pretty awesome stuff in other words.

Not sure I can dish out some negative vibes on the book; as a pure braindead entertainment novel it is close to perfect. I'd like some kind of reference in the back of the book for all the extra terms the author uses (considering all the ranks of the army guys especially).

Ah, what the hell.

Rated: 9/10 (and might even be fun for people that don't like 40k normally!)

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