fredag 8. mai 2009

On Dead Space.

So I actually managed to finish a game again. And even a game by EA, god knows the last time that happened.

The game itself stays true to itself throughout the playthrough; it's basically like this most of the time:

In other words, pretty intense. When I first started playing the game, it reminded me of so many games and movies, it was hard to decide on who or what they were "stealing" the most from. Alien(s) perhaps the most. The gameplay is survive on a ship taken over by rabid undead, and together with 2 other survivors from the rescue team you came with, get out alive. The story is a bit more complex, it starts with the reason you are there being you got a video from the girlfriend wanting you to be there, and ends up with a load of stuff about artifacts having created life, religious zeal, politics, betrayal, madness and other fun bits. But yes, the basic thing is a game trying to put you on the edge of the seat.

There really was a lot of good stuff in this game. For starters, I have played no other game that has handled immersion so well - it only really loads between chapters, and saving pauses it somewhat. But when you shop or upgrade stuff, or find text, audio or video tapes the game still goes on, so it never breaks up the actual playing. Of course, there is a fair share of "natural" breakup of gameplay, like taking elevators, but you can't always be safe there either, so even that keeps you on your toes. The music and sound effects really sets the mood, and it looks really good too, there's a couple of things that look...odd, but that's details. The overall story is pretty neat aswell, suitable twists and enough background underway to make you care, not a lot but enough for a game.

There are a couple of major things I dislike though... One is variation. Several locations are reused and it seems the monsterbudget only lasted for under half a game - slight skinchanges to a lot of monsters, and the bosses are just.. Like some of the monsters with added mass. It's not exactly tempting to do a replay when you have fought pretty much the same foes in the same way throughout the game, meaning the replay value is somewhat lacking, and it gets a bit boring even during the first playthrough. And the bosses are just a big letdown compared to other similiar games. Fair enough, there's the ship cannon segments (2 in the whole game from what I can remember) that was ace, and it has the regular useless elements of a shooting range and some kind of ballgame, but ugh. The weapons were kinda... not very balanced either I found, the basic Plasma Gun and Line Cutter was pretty much what I always used during the game, except when low on ammo and no shop nearby to get more Cutter ammo. But that comes with having experimental weapons I suppose. The other complaint I have is that the protagonist is so...faceless. He never states a single opinion, and just gets bossed around, not even a written line attributed to him, and you have to finish the game just to see his face. I find that pretty annoying, as it is one big hole in the game, as you seem to be just some guy that just grunts and tries to find your girlfriend and let everyone push you around for their own goals. But oh well.

All in all, it was a bit of a rollercoaster play. It ended up doing some things better than RE4, and some in a worse way. So in the end it is comparable to that, simple enough.. A lot more scary though.

Rated: 8/10.

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