onsdag 1. april 2009

On Men That Hates Women.

by Stieg Larsson.

Yes, very much a "and now for something completly different" in comparison to other stuff I have been reading lately. But media hype, friends and constant exposure to posters and whatnot makes for an unhealthy mix of peer pressure and curiosity spawning interest.

The book is about a journalist (Mikael Blomkvist) that was seemingly set up in a case about some big shot finanace fellow, get convicted of writing lies about said finance fellow, and his career seems to have taken a big dive. A retired head of a big family business approaches him about trying to look into the dissaperance of a family member about 40 years ago, under the cover of writing a family history. Another character, Lisbeth Salander, who has plenty of trouble with, well, almost everyone ends up partaking in the research all the while having to get out of her sometimes extremly nasty problems. And a lot of dirty secrets in relations to the family rears it's ugly head.

Normally I am not a big fan of this type of book; very seldom I find the characters in them to be someone I can like or dislike, and it turns into something of a meh who murdered who, but this book really did it well. Not only the main characters, but all the weird family members of Blomkvists employer, and even some random characters made it an interesting read. And it even made the places come alive pretty well, even without overdoing the area descriptions. The content was pretty grisly at times, but the author used it well for the point of the novel, instead of it being just something you'd open your eyes because of. It was also well paced, and proved to be quite the pageturner, and kept my sanity even while being pretty ill but unable to sleep, I guess that is a proof alone it was a good one.

My only complaint is that I don't have book 2 around, and it was uncertain when the stores would get new ones, guess that's the price of wanting to read it in swedish when so many others wants to.. And most likely all the swedish spies in norway buying it in swedish too I suppose.

Rated: 10/10

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