tirsdag 14. april 2009

On Men That Hates Women - the movie.

Right. Just had to see the movie too, more like out of curiosity on what they took from the book and put in the movie, and how the characters would look than anything else really. In every other case (except maybe LOTR) I have been dissapointed in movies based on books or games or whatever, so not much hope.

In essence, they just put in the actionlike scenes and steamed through most of the character development, lost all sense of the actual task that fuels as motivation and some other stuff. All in all it's a big "hurry hurry this is just a movie length thing, not a book or series" thing. That being said, for what it is it was well done I think. Although most of the characters looked different than I thought they would, some of them fit rather well to the role anyway. The production value was good, the sound and how it looked and all of that stuff, at least from what I expect from a Scandinavian production. All in all it has all the standard stuff for making it worthwhile to see in the movies.

However, for a movie, it lacked all the said character development; having read the book I didn't really need it, but it just felt silly to have all the depth taken out of characters (like out of Martin Vanger, for example, or Anita Vanger, who is just dead in the movie while alive and a "player" in the book). Just never get any tension from the movie, and how they handle Lisbeth in the movie compared to the book... She ends up being sorta a flawed superhero and getting sorta emotional, while she seems rather different to me in the first book at least. So it's like watching a highlights section of a really good footie match, it's nice to see, but you'd never bother with just the highlights, and you never remember them much later either.

Rated: 7/10

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