lørdag 7. mars 2009

On The Watchmen.

Ooo Eeee, another superhero movie. For once I didn't really know much about it, except that the comic book it is based on is brilliant supposedly. A trailer, just as useless as superhero movie trailers tends to be:

A rather dark and sinister take on superheroes; adding what happens when they age, more grey areas of morals, and a lot...deeper than they tend to be. Story is about a bunch of retired superheroes, in an alternative 1985, with Nixon as president and the cold war about to get hot. And one masked hero is killed.. This movie is more about talking than action, and lasting almost 3 hours; so contrary to other superhero movies it's really not something to burn some time watching for an hour and a half.

To be short, it was too long. While it had a lot of good stuff, good characters, some good action scenes, some good dialogue, it just took forever, and at several points it just got boring.. It kinda screamed HI I AM JUST A MOVIE THAT MAKES YOU WANT TO READ THE COMIC AS IT IS WAY BETTER SUITED FOR THIS KIND OF STORY. I now really want to read that comicbook... Several people left the cinema before it ended; I can really understand that.

It was also.. Way more mature content than usual; some random bloke shouted out something like "ahahaaha WATCHPORN, didnt know I was buying a ticket for a softporn movie", and at times it pretty much seemed like one. Grusome deaths and heroes not exactly being nice made the new Batman movies seem lightweight in comparison. I dont really mind normally, but just having loads of reptetive dialogue that seems to be shortened or clipped or something, like something was missing, and then spurs of soft porn scenes and violence together..just isnt working.

A lot of good stuff, but badly made, or not well suited for a movie (at least just one movie).

Rated: 6/10

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