tirsdag 3. mars 2009

On Resident Evil playthrough, chapter 1-2.

Right, while chapter 1-1 was a mix of traps, exploring and some action and a whole load of mystery, chapter 1-2 was just one big shootout. Last time I finished that mostly due to buying the rifle from the merchant, and picking good spots to use it to pick out guys with grenades and so on. Walkthrough said I should save money however, and not buy the rifle (guess I will find out why later on..), so the whole village shootout ended up having to knife and kick down the last enemy.. I only had to use one herb during the big fight however, when I managed to shotgun an explosive barrel at short range, actually the only time I jumped in my seat the whole section.

So in short, just pure action, which suits me fine as it wasnt much I could miss. The chief guy is one scary man, how he always manage to hide behind doors is something I'd like to learn IRL..

At the end however it was nice not to have the rifle, as I could stock up on fish, so now I have an outragous amount of health regen items, will be handy for possible knife fights later on I suppose.. My hit ratio stumbled a bit, not very surprising, down to 78%, but still way better than last time.

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