tirsdag 24. mars 2009

On Resident Evil 4.

Now, I wonder if I will ever play a game that is so mixed when it comes to entertainment again. The one word that comes to mind after finishing it, is "rollercoaster".

Being a shooty survival horror game, it mixes a lot of genres really. And from different gaming eras.. Modern day "hey, if we want to make a game that sells loads it better be based around a shooter", add in getting put in frentic situations with less gear and ammo than youre used to (not to mention struggling with having room in the inventory if you do have stuff to spare) and having to look out for a noncombatant, on top of trying to scare the shit out of the player, it's a lot to put into one type of game..

The shooting bit of the game I find to be the most solid. It is different than most other shooters in that you get stressed out by how little you can see, and that you arent a god when it comes to moving around while shooting or doing things. The controls are awesome (though I suspect the wii controller would make it even better), the opposition is very well designed, bosses are interesting and you get a personal touch with them that actually makes it boss fights and not "a bigger monster than the other appears for you to shoot the crap out of". This part is pretty much spot on. And it looks good, the sounds are wicked on top - even if it is a last gen console game.

The survival and horror part of the games however.. It kinda ruins it for each other. With the shortage of ammo, cash and so on, you want to look after every possible means to get supplies; my biggest complaint about this game is how it handles that. You have to look out for shiny things all over the place to shoot down, kill ravens, look for nests to shoot down, scour everything for stuff you can break and hope there is something valuable inside and spend ages at the shooting range that shows up at some point in the game. This, combined with the game having to load pretty often generally cuts the horror bit down by a big margin; at one point it's a big shootout, your nerves are playing tricks on you with regenerator's breathing making you wonder where they will jump you, and then suddenly it all gets broken up because you come to a merchant and a shooting range, and he has something you really need and go in and spend ages there (might just be me failing at the later shooting ranges, but it took a while to do..), so even though it is basically a marvelous game the immersion just gets broken up way too much. It made me pretty angry and gave me tonnes of anticlimatic moments during the playthrough.. It ended up reminding me of a lot of games in the 90s, like the first Zelda game and the incredibly annoying search for heart containers and secret money areas.. And that kind of thing they seemed to love to put into games at the time.

It's an insanely good game at the bottom, but the choices kinda ruin it from being something I'd consider it the best I have played... I can only hope it is done in a fashion more to my liking in Resident Evil 5.

Rated: 8/10

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