fredag 6. mars 2009

On Resident Evil 4 playthrough chapter 2-3.

As Return of the Crimson Guard kinda ate all my spare time during the last half of it, it took me 3 days to play through a 1 hour chapter...

This is where I got stuck last time; you get to choose between two paths, one with heaps of enemies including Bella Sisters (with a potato bag hood and a chainsaw) and a narrow path that has an El Gigante jumpding down after you, meaning you have to run like hell or fight close quarters with him, all the while having Ashley near you.. Last time I went down the heaps of enemies path, but once I had finished that path I was so low on health items and ammo (combined with little cash since I hadnt really done all the nest and bird shooting) ending the chapter seemed impossible, so I quit playing.

So this time, since I had quite the amount of ammo and health stuff, I elected to flee from El Gigante. After several tries where he managed to grab Ashley while I was slow with picking up the key to the exit and shooting down the chains that was blocking the doors, I finally managed to get out with Ashley still alive. I had to burn a full health thingie to keep her up, but that's loads better than coming out the other path with next to no firepower left.

After that, another evil scenario where you ride a gondola while the "zombies" throw axes at you from other wagons and trying to chop down the line.. Last time I had to go through this with a Red9 handgun with next to no upgrades; this time I could use the TMP, and besides getting axed once it was a pushover this time. Instead I managed to get myself dynamited while I was picking up another gem the walkthrough told me to get for cash, but cant be lucky all the time.

The boss of the chapter is rather weird... I guess all bosses in this game tends to be weird, not so much scary as bizzare. He was downright easy with the weapons available, couldn't fit in all the ammo and stuff lying around after the fight actually, bit of a shame, that.

A youtube vid of him, not done by me, but finally someone that doesnt make it look all too easy at least.

Not really any plot revealing movies or thingies at the end of the chapter, though one entered a castle at the end of it, and castles do tend to have more important things and people than villages in games like this, so perhaps more "who is behind everything" and "how does everything work" will be revealed... Not to mention Ashley responding by something else than "mhm" "yes leon" "leon are you allright?", bit of a dissapointment that girl, was hoping she would add more dialogue to the game..

Hit ratio was a staggering 57%, at a guess it was blowing off a clip of 100 shots with the TMP at the gondola fight.. But now it's really back to old hell of not hitting a barn door. As I am entering unfamiliar territory now, it shall be fun to see if I end up hitting with like 40% in chapter 3-1.

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