onsdag 4. mars 2009

On Resident Evil 4 playthrough chapter 2-2.

Barely escaping the villain's speech, the game's major reuse of areas come into play. This time having to look after a noncombatant however; Ash is pretty much defenseless... Including friendly fire I found out rather fast, once surrounded and I hadnt asked her to hide while I shot some hostiles up.

Pretty much a classic escape and then last stand turned unsuccessfull by surviving after hiding up in a cabin, and some slices of mystery of who the spanish policeman is and is doing, not really anything scary, but the frentic assaulted by zombies feeling during the last stand was hella fun.

Even though I played right after eating, my hit ratio was back to it's old standard - 69%. Didn't really feel like I was missing much (especially since I killed several enemies with the rifle, hitting 100%), but it might take shooting bear traps and such as misses, for all I know..

Right now I understand why the walkthrough didn't want me to get the rifle however, inventory space is a major pain at the moment, bah. Can't wait until I can buy upgraded attache case..

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